Wolfson wm8741 dac

It is a steep filter right after 20 KHz and has been shown to produce a lot of pre and post ringing from an inpulse response. Wolfson indicates that this filter is to be used with other filters from other components such as DSP chips in the digital audio path.

Filter 1 is the "slow roll off" filter that more modern DACs and CD players have used to remove some of the "digital hash" that have been observed in the past. The slow roll off filter reduces both the pre and post ringing of an impulse response. These two filters brickwall or fast roll-off and soft knee or slow roll-off have been the mainstay of digital audio reproduction for all these years.

Filter 2 is a new kind of digital filter.

Wolfson WM8741 DAC

Whereas in the past audio engineers have insisted in phase linearity meaning all frequencies have equal phase or delayMore recent research have shown that a "minimum phase" filter sacrifices some of the phase linearity adds some phase distortion for better time response.

Specifically, minimum phase filters minimizes the pre-ringing of an impulse response.

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Audio researchers have argued that pre-ringing is an un-natural effect and therefore the ear is more sensitive to this kind of distortion. They have also argued that phase distortion is not very audible.

This filter also incorporates soft-knee or slow roll-off and this reduces post ringing as well. Here is a diagram depicting the impulse response in a linear phase filter and a minimum phase filter.

According to the Ayre white paperadding the properties of slow roll-off filter to the minimum phase filter will decrease the post ringing, resulting in something like this:. Note that the axis are different, but in relation ot the first diagram, the second diagram shows no pre-ringing and much reduced post-ringing. Obviously the implementation is different and the relative quality of these filters have not been evaluated.

It would be good to hear your impressions of these different filters when you've had time to evaluate them. Hi dweeb4, I can hear some differences if I focus on specific instruments. I've compared filter 5 with filter 1 and at the time, filter 1 had a bit more "reverb" or "echo".

Filter 1 and 3 was hard to tell apart. If I listen to the performance of the music as a whole, I couldn't tell the difference between the filters. However, it would require a lot of patience to listen to these filters. Stereophile did some experiments on these type of filters and published some results. Search for "apodizing" or "minimum phase" in Stereophile. Post a Comment. I've done some additional reading about these filters. The DAC has the following 5 selectable filters.

The names of these filters are mentioned in a white paper and in the data sheet of the new WM Thehowever seems to be a cost-efficient version of the older WM which is spec'ed as having better signal to noise ratio.

According to the Ayre white paperadding the properties of slow roll-off filter to the minimum phase filter will decrease the post ringing, resulting in something like this: Note that the axis are different, but in relation ot the first diagram, the second diagram shows no pre-ringing and much reduced post-ringing.

But as the name of the filters in the Wofson DAC suggests, "apodizing" is an additional filter technique to that provided by minimum phase soft-knee. The use of slow roll-off filters allows some of the higher frequency beyond the Nyquist frequency energy to be reflected back into the audio band.

This is known as "aliasing" an is a source of distortion. Filter 4 appears to combine the best qualities of these filters. As the Wolfson white paper indicates, no one filter is the perfect filter but a designer hopes to makes the best trade offs by using multiple filters. Conceptually Filter 4, minimum phase apodizing filter, is what Meridian is using in their latest CD player. Newer Post Older Post Home.Forums New posts Search forums.

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I can't get a straight answer to that. GlocksRock said:. Biggiesized said:. Jeepers Full Audioholic. They are all "disco'd? Beans Enthusiast. I mean essentially isnt that in large part what we are paying for? I have the Rotel which only has "Burr Brown" written in the specs.

I know DACs arent everything, but for me who has 5 sources all being sent digital to the knowing the quality of the DAC would be very useful. I dont understand why other Rotel or many other brands dont list in the specs which specific DAC is used and what the numbers mean.

As little of a difference DACs make they make more of a difference then different cable brands, yet there are s of threads dedicated to cables and this is one of the only threads I have seen purely dedicated to DACs. Is it because we can see cables and not DACs? Beans said:. There's a lot more to the output than the DAC itself. My SACD player has two sets of outputs: multi-channel and two-channel.

The multi-channel outputs have three chips each running in stereo mode, for six channels of output. The two-channel outputs each have their own chip. AcuDefTechGuy said:. Well, actually I keep on listing all these specs so that someone else can educate me on it!The device optimizes the DAC linearity and provides maximum insensitivity to clock jitter.

The digital filters include several selectable roll-off and performance characteristics.

wolfson wm8741 dac

This flexibility provides a range of benefits, such as significantly reduced pre-ringing and minimal group delay. Mobile Audio Devices. Audio Amplifiers. Smart Codecs. Portable Codecs. Multi-channel Codecs. Audio Clock Generation and Jitter Reduction. Audio DSPs. Interfaces and Sample Rate Converters. Volume Controls. Voice Processors. Ethernet Controllers. Energy Measurement. ARM9 Embedded Processors. Professional Service Partners. Sample Center. Product Category Mobile Audio Devices.

Features Differential analog voltage outputs High tolerance to clock jitter DSD mode Hardware or software control modes: 2 and 3 wire serial control interface support. WM Product Datasheet v4. WM Device Pack Jan 1,v1. Block Diagram View Full Image.Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. AdamCaliforniaSep 22, LintoSep 22, Location: San Jose, CA.

MetrallaSep 22, Location: America's Biggest Small Town a. None of the above, basically because of what Geoff said. I'd add that the digital filter design and implementation--which can and often does reside on a separate IC than the DAC chip--has a greater effect on sound than the digital to analog conversion performed by the DAC chip. Almost all DAC chips these days are linear to the limits of measurement and have noise levels approaching the limits of measurement. Billy BudapestSep 22, Burr Brown.

JA FantSep 22, Location: Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. Old RustySep 22, Waymore Lonesome and kevinsinnott like this. Location: Columbus, OH. DrewSep 22, Location: Atlanta.

wolfson wm8741 dac

LeeSSep 23, Location: Sweden. LeifSep 23, Rock on and have fun, but this reminds me of a lot of "wine-tasting"-style assessments I've read of various generations of iPods, iPhones, and iPods based on the presumed sound qualities of the different DAC chips and brands incorporated in the design. It's an exercise that has always struck me as a problematic discounting of major alternative variables and as a set of critical pronouncements way, way out at the farthest limits of plausibility, based on the near-impossibility of isolating the evidence you need to make proper comparisons.

Stone TurntableSep 23, Please don't get me wrong This is just an illustration of preferences among DAC chips. Based on the scores in the table at the very end of the article AdamCaliforniaSep 26, I have been listening to Burr Brown for about 10 years now and I'm happy.

I agree with those that say the total execution including filtering, and power supplies contribute to the final sound. I've heard good sound from a variety of DACs.Gapless Playback, On-Device Playlists and robust music buffering provide a superior playback experience, free from distractions.

The highest-grade matching components, circuit design and spacious layout include true balanced audio outputs and an external toroidal power supply. A superbly natural, attractive and uniquely designed iPad app makes music browsing and selection a pleasure for everyone. Using a new dedicated LUMIN U1 processor adds upsampling and downsampling for every supported format — all the way from With LUMIN M1, our aim was clear — take all the award-winning sonic characteristics that the LUMIN music players are renowned for and surprise people with just how amazing an integrated system can sound.

Compact system doesn't dominate the roomClass-D power amplification retains digital signal path right to the speaker outputs DSD 5.

With 60W of amplifying power it can drive room-filling speakers and has the same musical heart as every other LUMIN music player.


A superbly natural, attractive and uniquely designed iPad app makes music browsing and selection a pleasure for everyone DSD 5. This has involved tuning every part of the system to complement these new DAC chips, including revising the clocking system and enhancing the external dual-toroidal power supply.

wolfson wm8741 dac

USB audio ieejas atbalstsAlex. Black anodised aluminium finish is available as a special order item. Please contact for costs and lead time. Full Retina Display support. Raw brushed aluminium.In my experience these are some of the hardest audio components to do right. You literally have to synthesize an output signal out of nothing according to the digital numbers handed to you. Oddly though, they all measure pretty much perfect.

I wanted to see if I can see some of that subjective impression in measurements. The output stage in this one v1. But after complaining about these errors I was given a new board which has version v1.

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A comparison between these output stages is in the pipeline. The WM with v1. The things you can basically read from the data sheets. There is an immediate problem here.

The wolfson output is not exactly clean, whereas the ESS is pretty exemplary. Something is modulating the signal and the prime candidate is the power supply. It is performing worse in the WeiLiang board. From the previous graph it is clear we need to look at PSRR, since the WeiLiang boards are showing a fair amount of supply disturbance. First up, the WeiLiang wm WeiLiang wm dac v1. When we get closer to the 1kHz signal region, the signal starts to modulate with the power supply components.

It first samples reference voltages onto a signal weighted number of capacitors and then onto the output.

So, any disturbance on those reference lines is directly modulated onto the output. It looks worse than it is, given that the maximum component reaches only dB, but this is definitely something that can and should be improved on the WeiLiang design.

Here we see a very different picture. The ESS, fed from exactly the same rail that feeds the wm, seems to almost completely reject the 50 Hz components.

wolfson wm8741 dac

Very good news for ESS. Another problem: the frequency response of the ESS is pretty much ideal again, but the wm is already down 3 dB by 20 kHz.

The WeiLiang v1. Still: advantage ESS. A WM chip can perform much better than this, but in order to do so it is clear that the power supply and the output stage will need serious work. And the ESS has both of those integrated with no need for external components. Here are my notes. The ESS had passed every test with flying colours but when listening to it, I found myself bored or distracted — anything but captured by it.

The wm was a bit of a diva: a bit of a morning temper and when finally warmed up really good on good material, and really bad on bad material. Now this needs some clarification as it is not as well-known as it should be. What do we have here? IMD at 1.Delete All.

ON OFF. COM Part No. Description Marking. Part No. The WM includes fine resolution volume and soft mute. The digital filters include several selectable roll-off and. The user can select between. In addition, the. WM includes a selection of advanced digital filter. This flexibility provides a range of benefits. The internal digital filters can also be by-passed and. DAC control. A range of features can also be.

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Electronic Components Datasheet Search. Description Marking X. The device supports PCM data input word lengths from 16 to bits and sampling rates up to kHz.

WM8741 vs. ESS9023

The WM includes fine resolution volume and soft mute control, digital de-emphasis and a range of advanced digital filter responses, followed by a digital interpolation filter, multi-bit sigma delta modulator and stereo DAC. The digital filters include several selectable roll-off and performance characteristics. The user can select between standard sharp or slow roll-off responses.

In addition, the WM includes a selection of advanced digital filter characteristics including non-half band filters and minimum phase filters. This flexibility provides a range of benefits, such as significantly reduced pre-ringing and minimal group delay.

The internal digital filters can also be by-passed and the WM used with an external digital filter. A range of features can also be accessed by hardware control interface. Privacy Policy. Mirror Sites English : Alldatasheet.

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