350whp sti

The Subaru WRX STi is a fantastic package with solid Brembo brakes, a high-performance suspension, and around turbocharged horsepower being put to the ground with pure all-wheel-drive traction. It is a deadly back road weapon as-is, but there is a lot of room for improvement should you want to take your rally car the the next level. While better tires will improve any car, overall, the STi is already very well set up for handling and braking.

To raise the excitement level, you can just dive right into adding horsepower. This post is meant to be a generic, easy to understand guide for anyone who is looking into modifying a Subaru STi. We hope this will help save people the hassle of having to dig through online forums just to find the basic information.

Look for more modification guides for other types of cars in the future. For newer Subarus, this is a good way to make your car a little quicker without voiding the warranty.

350whp sti

You will need further tuning or an ECU reflash to realize the gains from these modifications, and many kits are sold with hardware and software included. Stage 2 really helps the engine breathe a lot better. In addition to the car being noticeably louder, you will notice that power no longer seems to fall off after 80mph.

It will be significantly faster than stock, while offering you great value for money spent. Many people often throw in a few extra modifications to their cars when going stage 2 that can allow for even more power without compromising driveability or reliability.

These modifications include larger fuel injectors, a better fuel pump, a front-mount intercooler, equal-length headers, a boost controller, and an external waste gate. You should start thinking about getting a stonger clutch here. At this point, you are pretty much maxing-out the stock turbo, and things are about to get much more complicated. Your car will blow the doors off of any stock, or lightly modded, STis and Evos, but it will also stay reliable.

Conversely, if you just wanna be able to run with motorcycles during open highway pulls, then maybe awhp is for you.

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Just consider everything, because you will have to spend a lot of money to go further. The stock turbo maxes out around awhp, and is losing top-end boost well before that.

If you want a strong awhp or more from an STi, you need a bigger turbo. How much horsepower you make depends on the size of the turbocharger you go with. It can get much worse, though. Some people are crazy, and happen to have that sort of money just laying around, I guess.

How You Can Make Around 340 WHP In a STI

Basically, alcohol burns a little cooler, thus reducing the risk of knock for cars running around awhp on a stock engine. As stated in the beginning, the STi comes from the factory with incredibly good brakes and a solid suspension. Modifications to the brakes or suspension really depend entirely on what you do with your car. My own car, at Stage 2 Plus level, is still on the stock suspension but with thicker sway bars front and rear that are set up to reduce understeer a bit.

I use my car on real roads, many of which are rally-stage-like back roads with varying road surfaces. Because of the unpredictable nature of the roads I drive on, I need the suspension travel of the stock suspension to keep the car well-composed when things get iffy at speed. Now, if I auto crossed my STi or took it to track days on a road course, then a lower, stiffer suspension might benefit me. Conversely, if I did rally cross, then I might want to raise the suspension.

It all depends on what you feel will benefit your chosen activities with your car. As for the brakes, like the suspension, the stock Brembos work pretty well even for a car with modifications like mine.

I do have slightly better brake pads, but otherwise my brakes are totally stock. More can definitely be gotten from an STi, if you have the wallet, the skills, and the patience to deal with the issues that come up at higher horsepower levels. Like Like.It has 70,xxx original miles I have owned the car for over two years but only had the title transferred into my name after completing the 6speed swap.

350whp sti

I bought it with a bad 5speed manual trans. It took me a little over a year to save up and then do the 6speed swap trans, drive shaft, axles, brembo brakes, rear diff, clutch, rotors, rims, tires, hubs etc.

2006 Subaru Impreza Wrx 2.5l Turbo With Sti 6speed - 350whp! on 2040-cars

I could probably count on two hands how many times I've driven it and I never pushed it too hard. I have never taken it to the track or rallied it. The switch board in the dash where the radio goes is not wired up just put in to cover up the hole. I have a one year old son now and I can't afford a car just sitting in my garage.

I have never driven it in the snow with all the salt. The under body is super clean with no rust. This car is my baby and has been looked after. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me either by text or email. I work full time and can't call most of the time I have many more pics and videos I can send you Motor Mods: 2. It does have a couple small dents from other car doors, nothing major from the previous owner. Occasionally I have an code pop up P if you google it you will see 2 things it could be.

It is not in limp mode Could use a real fender roll sometimes it will rub with a really hard bump I say real because the previous owner said he did it with a baseball bat and a heat gun. I do have it for sale locally too and have the right to end the auction.

In case you're wondering, no, the woman didn't actually hit the dog. This is just a commercial, and a fairly clever one after you get over the perceived canicide, that's meant to show off the desirability of Subaru's lifted Impreza wagon, the XV Crosstrek. We'll try not to spoil it for you, because it is a fairly humorous piece, but you have to make sure to watch it from start to finish. The found-footage angle of it, which sort of presents it with the same quality as a Russian dashcam video, just adds to the video's ridiculous premise.

We aren't sure if this is an actual ad from the Russian arm of Subaru, as it seems to be posted from an independent account with only one video to its credit. Still, have a look below, and let us know what you think. The car you see above could, possibly, be the Subaru WRX, a car that isn't supposed to reach the public eye until next week's Los Angeles Auto Show.

The leaked image has been circulating around the web, along with a brief teaser video of the new sports sedan which you can see below. The image, which AutoWeek reports may be probably a render, appeared on the Clubrz Facebook page, a Subaru fan group.

It does fit somewhat with the teaser image we showed you yesterday, while featuring certain styling cues from the WRX Concept shown at the last New York Auto Show.

Now, we'd advise you take this with an appropriately sized grain of salt. Still, take a look up top and let us know if the new WRX - which, we'll point out, has neither gold wheels, a big wing or World Rally Blue paint - fits with what you wanted to see.

We've also got a very short teaser of the car that plays on the teaser image posted yesterday, which you can see by scrolling down. Coming Soon. Two teaser images are being shown on the Japanese web-side home of STI along with the promise of 'coming soon,' and there's also a rather lovely looking set of twisty roads with the words 'Purity of Handling.

We're also not totally clear on what 'coming soon' really means - the auto show season will be kicking off in full swing this fall, and we wouldn't be surprised to see a debut in Los Angeles. That said, you'll know more just as soon as we do.By: Alan Jackson on October 5th, So you have just purchased your dream car and you are now looking to make it your own.

Where do you start? Where do you go? What are you going to do? You need to sit down come up with a goal, prioritize, plan, and then realize your goals. This is something that is both very easy, and very difficult at the same time. So often in my own vehicle modification filled history, I have had an idea in my head, but I never really sat down and thought about what I really wanted a project to end up as.

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I flew by the seat of my pants and I ended up spending money twice by not buying the right parts the first time. While I still ended up with a pretty sweet car, looking back, I could have done it for a lot less money and with a lot less down time. The car made whp before I sold it.

Built 2007 Subaru STI – 350 whp – Pulls and Turbo Sounds

Between that Cobb SF intake and the whp dyno plot, there were a lot of mods that came and went, and looking back, I see where I could have focused my efforts and spent less time and money doing work and buying parts twice. On my next series of vehicles I made a point to think further ahead. I bought parts that made sense for what I wanted and set it up in the first stage of parts to be ready for the second stage of parts.

It was during this time frame that I also acquired my first speed 6. Then I planned a few mods to do during the swap based on my future goals and what would be convenient at that time. However my plan was foiled by an offer to buy the soon to be repaired car and so my future plans were added to, and a full big turbo kit was lined up to go in with the new engine.

This saved the new owner future money and time. The car was put back together, tuned, and then delivered. There are so many things that can be done to this car and there are so many different levels that it can be taken to, so having a plan for the build is the first thing I wanted to do before I ever spent a dime.

The goal is the somewhat vague picture that sets the plan in motion.After checking out this blog, If you would like more in-depth information on some of these parts, I thoroughly suggest picking up a copy of our Ultimate Mazda Performance Guide.

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CorkSport along with the community of racers, shops, and enthusiasts alike have learned quite a bit about these engines. How they react to certain mods, how to maintain them, and also some of their weak points. We also learned how to take this platform well over WHP.

We recently hit whp with the CST6 — Check it out here. Among the many things we have learned, we have developed a great understanding of what is needed to get these engines to make power. More specifically, with the right set of bolt-on parts and tuning one can easily and safely make WHP on a stock bottom end of your MS3 or MS6.

The torque will just need to be kept under control. There are certainly many variables that can come into play when trying to achieve WHP safely, such as the health of your engine, quality of engine tune, octane rating of fuel, engine management software and more.

This is by no means an all-inclusive guide and the only way of making this level of power. However, this is a tried and tested method of making high power safely and reliably. We come from years of experience doing it ourselves and helping the community with their Mazdas as well.

We have spent years and years developing this platform and continue to do so on a daily basis. What I aim to do is educate you on how you can make the most out of your MZR engine.

Now before we get too ahead of ourselves, there are two modifications that are a must before going down the whp quest.

A high-quality tune is worth every penny, and when paired with things such as an intake or exhaust, you can capitalize even more so your parts and net more horsepower. Here is how it operates:. So in an oversimplified matter, that is all an internal combustion engine is — a glorified air pump with more bells and whistles. One of the best ways to make a really effective air pump is to optimize the movement of air into and out of the cylinders.

Letting air in and out of the engine as easily as we can is a great first step to create more power. Doing this will free up restrictions with the manufacturer parts, especially on a factory turbocharged vehicle.All of our engines are built in house at our Port Washington, WI facility. The machine work is also done locally to our custom specs. Since the engines are hand built by us we can adjust tolerances and part choices as needed for our customers.

350whp sti

Example - Want to upgrade your rod bolts in one of our staged engines? No problem, anything can be custom tailored for your new engine. We can build you your dream engine right here at Quantum Performance. Call or e-mail us today for more info! Contact us for the most up to date pricing on a genuine Subaru replacement short block.

Quantum Performance Stage 2 EJ Performance Short-blocks are our most popular EJ platform, offering extra holding power for more heavily modified needs. Similar to our Stage 1 short-block, these engines also utilize the same high quality forged piston. The OEM STI connecting rods tend to give way under higher loads typically around wtqbut our Stage 2 setup firms this up and gives you peace of mind.

Combined that with the Nitrated crankshaft and custom toleranced King XP Race Bearings, and you are set for a solid bottom end that can handle most heavily modified setups. Want to take the stock Subaru block to its limit? Step up to our Stage 3 short block assembly. This will take you to the power limit of the factory case before sleeving is needed. These rods add about 53 grams more of aircraft quality, degassed, American forged steel over the H-tuff connecting rods.

Services Performance Electronics and Wiring. Custom Fabrication. Subaru Engine Services. Shop Services. Qp Blog. Engines Engines and Builds. Engine Builds We can build you your dream engine right here at Quantum Performance.

OEM Replacement Contact us for the most up to date pricing on a genuine Subaru replacement short block. Stage 3 Want to take the stock Subaru block to its limit? Looking for builds exceeding Stage 3? Contact us to discuss the options for custom builds. Last Name.Cylinder head porting by hand can be tedious especially if you are trying to replicate flow results over multiple cylinder heads. Hand porting is time consuming and not conducive to the time constraints of vehicle projects. Complete CNC porting of EJ25 Subaru heads was once thought nearly impossible as certain areas are extremely difficult to access.

Utilizing the latest software, machines, tooling and industry expertise we are now able to access those areas and provide CNC ported heads with the fastest turnaround time in the Subaru aftermarket. We have researched and flow tested the industry leaders of performance heads looking at ways to improve flow, quality, repeatability and productivity. Our latest CNC program has matched or bettered flow results and performance of every ported cylinder head that we have tested.

Each head is fixtured into a Centroid 5 axis CNC machine. Our program carefully removes the unnecessary material from each intake and exhaust port leaving a machined finish that allows air to flow properly through the ports to maximize horsepower and torque when matched with the correct valves and cams for your application.

While each cylinder head casting varies slightly, the CNC program is able to repeatedly produce the same port work across each head reducing the percentage of port flow differences. Our CNC ported cylinder head service requires you to provide a pair of good condition core EJ25 heads. Each head is CNC ported to our programs specs. Multi-angle valve jobs, cleaning and repairs of heads are extra. New cylinder head castings are also available.

350whp sti

Please contact our sales team for additional information. All Rights Reserved. Online store by Volusion. Related Items.There's a guy down the street from me that has a modified '05 subaru wrx sti, he said that it had hp, that I understand, then he said it had feet pound of torque, uhhhh, what does that mean and is that good or bad?

The car had horsepower at 6,rpm, with pound-feet of torque at 4,rpm from the factory. That's a pretty hefty increase for an already powerful car. Maybe a 35R on a lower reading one. Many many STI's running very reliably at that power level including my old one. And yeah, it's a lot of power. In fact that's what made me sell mine and start over. Anything over WHP is just scary. Pretty amazing compared to something like a Mustang with twice the displacement and 8 cylinders.

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Will cost twice as much to break into the 10's with a Mustang. I have seen much higher, but then again There goes the reliability the higher you go. This was running a Perrin rotated mount GT This car was scary after it was tuned. I am in complete agreement that anything over WHP is crazy. Thats good. I don't really see the need for huge amounts of HP unless you are lapping or drag racing. The car comes plenty powerful stock, and all you really need to to are sway bars.

Even the Subaru rally cars only have hp 3 less than factory with ft lbs of torque. The cars are already crazy stock.

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